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Whether you like it or not social media has power. Power to make your business grow. Power to get your Brand seen by thousands of customers who dont know you.....yet? We always hear the biggest excuse which is "I don't have the time!" and now with someone else managing your social profiles, you don't need to have the time!


Why should I use Infinate Orange?

Because we know how to do this! Whether its managing your social profiles your Twitter profile to get more followers and Facebook 'Likes' to your page, or simply planning an online campaign. You want your website to rank high in the search engines, and social media can actually help with this. Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) improves any time you get more traffic to your website. When people start using Twitter, Google+ and Facebook to share your promotions, blog posts or articles, your ranking will improve.

Social Media Management free's up your time to enjoy your spare time

What is in it for me?

Social media gets your customers talking to you and each other. You can access your customers wherever they are. People take the Internet with them wherever they go thanks to smartphones and tablets. If your site is optimised for mobile users, then you can keep your company in your clients’ back pocket. While getting people talking about and interacting with your brand is valuable, your number one goal is to increase sales. Social Media Management can do this.

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About Infinate Orange

Infinite Orange is out to bring affordable website design and graphic design to businesses using over 8 years worth of knowledge and insight. We are a no nonsense, honest website design company who aren't out to .... take the pith!

Offering graphic design, SEO and social media management as an extra, Infinate Orange are here to help you in the online world.


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