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So, you have arrived at the Infinate Orange website and you're probably thinking - "all I want is to know 3 things":

  1. Why should I use Infinate Orange?

  2. What is in it for me?

  3. What is it going to cost me?

Well we will keep it really simple:

  1. Infinate Orange don't 'pith' about when it comes to websites! We build, build custom web apps, provide full SEO packages, graphic design and social media management. We even provide printing if you need it.

    What's more, its all under one roof with one point of contact for the whole lot!

  2. We aim to provide the highest standard of service and quality. We won't overload you with the technical jargon, but be rest assured ... we are well experienced, very talented and more importantly we enjoy our job!

  3. Pricing is purposely kept simple and you will find the prices on the individual pages where possible.
    For printing prices, you can visit our online quoting system at

If you're not sure and want to have a chat, give us a call or drop us an email and if you want to meet in person, you're more than welcome to come in to our Colchester Essex offices for a coffee!

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About Infinate Orange

Infinite Orange is out to bring affordable website design and graphic design to businesses using over 8 years worth of knowledge and insight. We are a no nonsense, honest website design company who aren't out to .... take the pith!

Offering graphic design, SEO and social media management as an extra, Infinate Orange are here to help you in the online world.


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