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Simple Tips for Starting With E-Cig Kits

Choosing the best e cig starter kits for smoking is easy. Starter electronic cigarette kits are not different from expert level kits as they have the same components. However, learning about the kits, how to use the vape liquids, choosing the liquid and learning to smoke with an electronic unit is not easy. Usually, we recommend readers get in touch with our 24-7 customer service section to learn about eletronic cigarettes and how to use them but read on for a short information item on how to start with e cigarette kits.

Start with an affordable starter kit — Thousands of companies offer affordable but high-quality e cigarettes starter kits for new smokers. The kits usually come with detailed instructions on how to clean the kits, use them properly, how to replace the liquid in the kit and how to smoke with the kits. We recommend you read the instructions provided with the kit before you start smoking. Once you are accustomed to the vape smoking experience, you can then shift over to gourmet level kits that provide a better smoking experience.

Charge your kit properly before use — Almost all kits have to be charged for 12 — 24 hours before the electronic unit can be used for smoking. All units run on lithium-ion batteries. These batteries mean that the unit can be used 300 times before they start to lose their smoking capacity and the vape tanks gets over.

Working — Usually, charging the unit means that the unit is ready for use. All you have to do is suck the liquid from the active end and the e-liquid is drawn into the cartridge. These cigarettes do not need to be switched on as they are always connected to the battery. In the beginning, draw a quick breath and hold it in your mouth. If you did not get enough of a hit with each breath, you can try something known as primer puff. In primer puffs, you have to quickly pull in a shallow breath and prime the smoking stick. You can then pull in extra smoke in another breath This will fill your lungs and help them acclimatize to the e-vape experience. Ideally, maximum drag should be 5-7 seconds long with a quick break in between.

Automatic vs. manual units — Automatic units are always ready for smoking as soon as you attach the battery. However, manually operated cigarettes are also available. These versions have a button on the side. You do not have to primer puff the manual versions. You have to press just before you start pull and then shortly before you stop pulling. Do not press too long as it will overheat the atomizer.

Nicotine strength — Start with a lower concentration of nicotine and then increase the concentration of the liquid to as much as you want. Remember, a too high concentration will cause a rough feeling at the back of your throat. If this happens you can immediately, lower the concentration by switching the vape liquids.

As you know by now, we offer a range of unique services and e cigs kits in almost every price range. You can easily purchase your kits from us and we provide a warranty to cover the goods. We also provide a manufacturer’s guarantee that protects the item and provides for repairs and maintenance. All you have to do is get in touch with our 24-7 CS and we will make sure you get quality e-cig products at the most affordable price.

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